About Us

High Tailin' Silver

High Tailin' Silver is a family owned, family run business.

Each design is hand engraved and developed by the artist in his shop in southern Arizona.  Designs are a work of art inspired by life on the ranch and made available to you in silver.

All pieces are 100% USA Made and designed.

All designs are currently made by Thor Peterson.

Meet the Artist

Thor Peterson

The artist and master silversmith behind our current designs has been designing in silver and manipulating metal into one-of-a-kind masterpieces since high school.  He graduated college with a degree in welding technology, and opened his own shop shortly thereafter. After meeting his mentors Glen (“Gooch”) Goodwin and Larry Deniky, who inspired his love of traditional western crafts, he quickly learned that functional art was where his heart was - he hasn't looked back since.

Thor is as much a silversmith artist as he is a rancher and family man.  Truly living the dream in rural southern Arizona, where he calls home.  All his designs are inspired by life in the desert, the beauty of the ranch, and spending time with his wife and 4 sons. 

"There isn't anything else that I could imagine doing with my life. When I sit down to work on my creations, it just feels right. Designing art that inspires happiness in others bring me joy." - Thor Peterson